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Bill WhatcottBill Whatcott grew up in a broken, alcoholic home and spent his teenage years in a series of group homes and foster homes. After spending a few years on the street (and some in prison), Bill turned his life over to Jesus Christ and embarked on a new path.

In 1991 Bill graduated from Humber College as a Practical Nurse with honours and pursued a successful career in nursing. In 1994, he became a volunteer at Aid to Women, and as a sidewalk counselor he reached out to abortion-bound mothers to offer them life-affirming help during their time of crisis. From there, Bill became a dedicated and outspoken family-values activist—who found himself in jail again, only this time for doing good.

Bill eventually embarked on a path that took him into court battles against his nursing association, two universities and the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission. Those court cases made it to the Saskatchewan Court of Appeals, the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench and even the Supreme Court of Canada, setting important precedents, impacting free speech and religious liberty in a way that affects Canadians from all walks of life. Bill won some and lost others; but in the end, we all owe him a huge debt of gratitude: he “fought the good fight” for all Canadians—born, and not-yet-born.

Follow Bill through:
FreeNorthAmerica.ca and BillWhatcott.com

4 thoughts on “About Bill Whatcott

  1. Evidently someone let you or someone associated with your company into my apartment building to distribute pamphlets into all the tenant mailboxes.
    Respectfully I would ask you to refrain from this practice here in the future. It is not appreciated.
    Thank you

  2. I heard you on American Family Assn. this morning and was so impressed with your coming to The Lord after all you have been through. Thank you for who you have become and all the good you have done.

  3. It is too bad that Rob Coleman feels the way that he does. I wish I could join you in your work somehow if only I were braver. I am supporting Kari Simpson in her drive to become a defendant in the upcoming, nonsensical class action suit.

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