Kari Simpson’s Follow-up Letter to Douglas Elliott

douglas elliott

Douglas Elliott
Cambridge LLP
333 Adelaide Street West
4th Floor, Toronto, Ontario
M5V 1R5

Via: delliot@cambridgellp.com

October 18, 2016

RE: Hudspeth v Whatcott et al

Dear Sir,

I informed you last week about my on-going support of Mr. Bill Whatcott, and as such that I am a “Jane Doe” referred to in your lawsuit and should be named as a Defendant in the Whatcott matter.  I asked that you confirm receipt of my notice, and to ensure receipt I also posted my notice onto the Facebook page of your client—but so far you have failed to confirm such receipt.

I also appreciate that others have informed you that your designated email link to the Whatcott lawsuit doesn’t work, yet it remains broken after all this time.  I also question why you wouldn’t have had that fixed by now if you are seriously engaged in pursuing this lawsuit—or are you merely using your suit to terrorize individuals?

If it helps, Mr. Elliott, I have an in-house tech support team that could help you fix that problem.

At this time please thank your clients for drawing me into this matter.  I’ll be making several Freedom of Information requests to various government offices as a result of reviewing the numerous videos online, and researching groups associated with the Toronto Pride Parade 2016.  I trust that you agree that the Toronto Pride Parade is a show, and as such has legal obligations.

I am uncertain as to whom you intend calling, but I look forward to the naming of the Special Constable driving the “Special Constable” police cruiser in the parade, who seemingly waited patiently while what appears to be a Pride Toronto volunteer repeatedly simulated lewd sex acts on the windshield of the cruiser as another volunteer recorded the shows.  Then there are all those naked people—I think the guy in the parade only 10 feet from the Special Constable will be interesting to depose—as well as the officer.

Of course the fallout to other Pride participants (e.g., “TNT Men”) as a result of you and your clients continues.  I have sent a Freedom of Information request to obtain information on how the exclusive use of a community swimming pool was acquired for TNTmen.  The Facebook promotion of this ongoing event includes pictures of several naked men engaged in what appears to be behaviour that leads to numerous known medical and health consequences including raising rates of throat cancer, syphilis, HIV and numerous other diseases that cost tax-payers billions of dollars as a result of men having sex with men. I wonder if this activity is socially responsible? The Facebook ad, featuring a group of naked men in a swimming pool with some between the legs of other men, is promoting naked swim events in a taxpayer funded swimming pool for a “Sex Positive” meet-up for TNTmen and male “students.” This particular on-going event occurs at the Harrison Community pool in Ontario. You can appreciate how valuable Mr. Whatcott’s health related information is when you consider the risk these men are engaging in.

In anticipation of my name being added, please ask your client, Mr. Hudspeth, to retain all records associated with his 3 year “support” of the Black Eagle Kennel Klub, the organization that facilitates meet-ups and events for men dressed up as dogs and engage in “puppy play.”  These activities have rules like, “Anally inserted puppy tails must not be manipulated during play…” Of course this rule changes if the “pups” or their “trainers” want to move their “play” to the “dark room.” I can image that exploring the disturbing mental health related problems you claim Mr. Whatcott, his fellow Zombies and Whatcott supporters have inflicted upon parade participants, like the Kennel Klub members, will be a very interesting aspect to this case. Do these puppy loving playful guys know your clients have given them a starring role in this lawsuit?  I have reviewed numerous images involving this groups participation in the 2016 Pride parade and will have questions about Mr. Hudspeth’s knowledge, engagement and support of this group, their members, licenses, permits and their activities in the “mosh” pit, the “dark room” and the “special arrangement” your client accommodated them with.

You should also know that it is not worth wasting your time trying to purge the Internet of incriminating evidence.  As previously mentioned, my tech team is not only capable of fixing your email woes; they are great at finding and preserving data of all kinds.

Mr. Elliott, as you know, creating time to accommodate the important matters associated with this suit requires me to block time from my very busy calendar.  Your refusal to either acknowledge me as a supporter of Mr. Whatcott—and serve me—or to inform me otherwise, has resulted in me having to block time to accommodate the “just in case” scenario.  Of course, this means hardship for me—and those hardships will be reflected in the damages I will seek in my counter-suit against your clients.

I trust that as an Officer of the Court, you wouldn’t callously abuse the justice system and use it as your personal bully tool. Ontario law protects individuals—and those Jane and John Does named in lawsuits—from such abuse.  If you intend to pursue this matter, I suggest you amend your claim and add me, have me served, and provide me with the dates already set with the court.

Your procrastination compromises my ability to prepare, and I’m sure that’s how the court will view the matter.

If your client’s instructions are to exclude me from the case, please confirm this in writing, as I am certain Mr. Whatcott’s counsel would be most interested. Alternatively, if your client’s instructions are to withdraw the case, at this juncture your obligations as counsel require that you inform me as well.  I trust you understand your responsibilities and culpabilities as a lawyer in matters such as this.

I appreciate that my last correspondence should have resulted in you removing yourself as counsel.  Please respond and clarify your position—or serve me forthwith. If I don’t hear from you by Friday, October 21, 2016, I will make a complaint to the Ontario Law Society.  You do not have the right to waste the time of Mr. Whatcott, his legal counsel, his supporters and most certainly the resources and time of the Court.

Mitigating the damages at this point might be worth consideration.

Govern yourself accordingly.

Kari Simpson

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